Saudi Arabian soccer fans have some excellent Mortal Kombat choreography

Flawless victory

If the visiting Persepolis F.C. players felt like they got an icy reception at their recent Asian Champions League match, well, it’s because they did. Al Hilal’s stadium was filled with fans who created a Mortal Kombat tifo — half Sub-Zero, half “Finish ’em.”

Al Hilal did as the crowd implored them to during the second leg of the knockout stage. It won 3-0 (3-1 aggregate), and effectively performed a Fatality on Persepolis’ Champions League bid. That’s so cold, yet so good.

Al Hilal Unveil Incredible Mortal Kombat-Themed Tifo in Asian Champions Legue (sic) [Bleacher Report]

Brett Makedonski
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