Sarcastic Gamer boycotts EA: Asks Jim Sterling for reinforcements

So, today our tips line has been absolutely inundated with emails from Sarcastic Gamer readers asking us to spread the word about their Battlefield: Bad Company boycott. Because I just got back from Cancun yesterday, have three games to review, and have generally been busy, I held off on posting about it until later in the day. Just as I settle down to start work on this post, however, the lovely Ms. Bennett sends me this:

Colette: lol, Jim

Me: What a f*cking coincidence. I was just starting to make our frontpage post on this.
It seems that Sarcastic Gamer has found my being too quiet on this issue unacceptable and has asked for my “loud and obnoxious voice” to help spread the word about the site’s boycott. Sarcastic Gamer wishes to boycott EA because of its decision to sell guns as DLC in Battlefield: Bad Company. Because explaining it in further detail would require effort, I am going to let SG’s Doc tell you about it:
As you know, EA has announced that it will sell additional guns for the upcoming installment in the Battlefield franchise, Bad Company. We, and tens of thousands of like-minded individuals, feel that despite EA’s assurances, this will lead to unbalanced play. We further believe that it sets a precedent for even more abusive DLC for fans of all game franchises. We have embarked on a boycott of Battlefield: Bad Company, and despite a lack of support (so far) from most major gaming outlets, have already enveloped thousands of gamers, who too are eager to stop this dangerous trend in its tracks.
We are definitely aware of Battlefield‘s proposed DLC, and promise to let out an almighty “WTF?” when Destructoid and EA next meet. We will most definitely share the concerns of our fellow gamers with Electronic Arts and do what we can to get to the bottom of this possibly nefarious scheme. Until then, let it be known that the notorious Destructoid community has now been made aware of Sarcastic Gamer’s boycott and now know what to do if they disagree with EA’s plans … so FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP SPAMMING OUR TIPS LINE!
(Oh and Doc, that hot tub picture is TAME compared to some I could (and likely will) show you)
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