Sandswept Studios’ Detour is an RTS, road building confirmed

Yesterday, we learned a little bit about Sandswept Studios’ Detour. Actually, we just took a couple of stabs since we only had an image (above) to work with. Today, Sandswept released some more information that helps form a decent picture of what Detour is all about.

Sandswept describes Detour as a “road-oriented” RTS with a “satirical twist on highway construction [and] environmental activist groups…” The game will put players into the role of a pseudo-highway planner. The basic goal is to build a road that will allow a delivery truck to reach a location at the far end of a map. It’s a competitive affair, so that means other players or AI opponents will be trying to accomplish the same task while trying to halt each other’s progress.

No word on platform or release window, but network play and a map editor have been confirmed. Sandswept will be delivering some more goods as the game gets closer to completion.

Brad BradNicholson