Samurai Warriors 5 will cut a path onto PC and consoles July 27

Huge roster and all-new ‘Musou Frenzy’ attacks

Unsheathe that steel, friend, Koei Tecmo has revealed a release date for the western launch of its warfaring musou sequel Samurai Warriors 5. The latest chapter in this epic  drama will arrive on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on July 27, just one month after its release in Japan.

Omega Force’s latest venture into the ground-shaking 1 vs. 1000 battle franchise will feature a huge roster of 27 characters handpicked from the series previous releases, all of whom have received a visual overhaul in order to better acclimatize them to Samurai Warriors 5‘s Sengoku time period. Favorites such as Hideyoshi Hashiba, Nou, and Yoshimoto Imagawa will be joined by ninja newcomer Mitsuki, with further new characters expected to arrive as post-release DLC.

While the typical en masse brawling and tactical combat will return as expected, Samurai Warriors 5 will include new mechanics and features, such as the all-new “Musou Frenzy,” which sees the playfield transition to a traditional watercolor effect to truly showcase your chosen warrior’s devastating, screen-clearing specials. Check out the action in the brand new trailer below, while you ready yourself for a hell of a lot of sword-assisted head-ectomies.

Chris Moyse
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