Samurai Warriors 3 cover edits the boobs in North America

Samurai Warriors 3 is coming Stateside very soon, but not in its original form. In a move that could be considered even more outrageous than the famous Yakuza 3 edits, it has been discovered that Nintendo of America edited out a bit of cleavage on the game’s box art! CENSORSHIP!

Seriously, this is perhaps the most pointless and ludicrous edit I’ve ever seen. The European box art shows some significant cleavage on one of the characters, while the North American version features … a little bit less cleavage. You still see cleavage, but just a bit less. 

And this achieves … what, exactly?

Censorship is often absurd anyway, but when you’re covering up a couple of inches of tit-crack for no conceivable reason whatsoever, I think it truly puts the silliness of the issue under a microscope. So yeah, you see a bit less buster flesh on North American cover of Samurai Warriors 3. Thus the innocence of children around the world has been rescued!

Nintendo’s samurai worriers strike again [Aussie Nintendo]

Jim Sterling