Samurai slasher Katana Zero enlists Devolver as its sensei

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It has been exactly five days since we last wrote about the long-awaited, neon-drenched samurai slasher Katana Zero. But the bushido blade life is an unpredictable one, and sometimes things happen at a quick clip.

Developer Askiisoft has teamed up with Devolver Digital to publish Katana Zero. Watch the trailer that’s embedded above and tell me this game doesn’t land perfectly in Devolver’s wheelhouse. This comes after the revelation late last year that Askiisoft had parted ways with Adult Swim Games.

For anyone who can’t live with just watching Katana Zero and needs to feel that (digital) blade slicing enemies and deflecting bullets, the wait isn’t too insufferable. Katana Zero seems locked in for a PC release in March 2019. There’s apparently a console announcement happening “in the next month or so,” but there’s no hint as to which platforms we can expect. It certainly would fit nicely on [whichever console you prefer]!

And, for anyone who really really can’t wait, Devolver and Askiisoft are showcasing Katana Zero this weekend at PAX South. That’s where you can get your hands on the newest iteration, as this is a game that has transformed over the years into something that’s undoubtedly tighter and more satisfying than the earlier prototypes. Also, Devolver is giving a free copy away to anyone who shows up wearing a samurai outfit, so I guess that’s a way to save a few bucks.

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