Sample Pac-Man Battle Royale on your iPad for free

Hell if I can find an arcade around where I live, so this is great news: Namco has released a free iPad demo version of its upcoming multiplayer-focused Pac-Man Battle Royale coin-op game.

Tha game plays a bit like Pac-Man Championship Edition, at least in layout, with the maze altering as pellets are eaten. The catch is here it’s Pac-Man vs. Pac-Man for up to four players; each a Power Pellet, gobble other Pac-Men, win.

The demo is short (only one round), and then directs you to a Facebook page which is supposed to show you where you can play an actual Battle Royale machine in your area. (As far as I can tell right now, it doesn’t.)

Frustratingly, it seems like the game plays pretty well on Apple’s little tablet. Why not just release a full version so that I can give you my money, Namco? I’m sure the experience translates better to an arcade table machine, getting rowdy with drinks and all.

The machines just shipped, so it’s not incredibly likely you have one in your area just yet. Still, if you do, let us know.

Promotional Pac-Man Battle Royale iPad Demo Release, iPhone Edition Coming [GameSetWatch]

Nick Chester