Sam & Max statue review plus a special offer from Symbiote Studios

If you are a fan of all things Sam & Max, you may have found yourself licking your monitor when Symbiote Studios announced their beautiful Sam & Max statue a few months back. Tomopop was lucky enough to be able to review one, and if you happen to be wondering whether its worth dropping your hard earned money on, I suggest you check out the review here as it may help you make up your mind.

Symbiote also kindly offered an exclusive deal for Destructoid readers: they will send you a Stykman figure completely free of charge (valued at $9.99)if you go to their site, add the figure to your basket and use “DESTRUCTOID” as the promo code (you’ll be charged shipping, but the statue is free). Hey, I like free stuff. Thanks Symbiote!

Colette Bennett