Sam & Max Season Two getting a collectors DVD, other stuff

Telltale Games announced today that Sam & Max, everyone’s favorite pair of anthropomorphic animal investigators, will be getting a collectors edition DVD for their second season of downloadable episodes. This DVD will contain the five episodes that make up Season Two, along with behind-the-scenes and other special features like developer commentary and outtakes.

The Sam & Max Season Two Collector’s DVD can be preordered from Telltale’s online store (it’s expected to ship sometime in August) for $34.95. The cool part is if you’ve already bought Season Two (from their site) then this is totally free, aside from shipping and handling! It sure is nice for Telltale to essentially be giving (some of) their early customers a free disk full of shiny extras.

Three new Season Two themed items were also announced, including the two-disk Sam & Max Season Two soundtrack, a case file with Season Two related “evidence,” and a poster print based on the DVD’s cover art that is available both signed and unsigned.

Is anyone else going to be picking some of this stuff up?

SAN RAFAEL, CA, July 23, 2008 – Interactive entertainment pioneer
Telltale, Inc. is announcing that the Collector’s DVD for the acclaimed
game series Sam & Max Season Two is available for ordering today.
Telltale has given the second season of “gaming’s first sitcom” the
premium boxed-set treatment that has become common for television
favorites, with behind-the-scenes extras and loads of special features.
Telltale is also introducing new merchandise today to celebrate the
release, including a signed commemorative print, a 2-CD Season Two
soundtrack, and several special bundle offers.

Sam & Max Season Two has garnered critical acclaim from numerous
sources, including two Editor’s Choice awards from PC Gamer and positive
reviews from mainstream press ranging from the New York Times to
Playboy. The series is based on comic book characters created by Eisner
award-winning cartoonist Steve Purcell, who has been publishing stories
starring the offbeat dog and “rabbity-thing” crime-fighting duo for over
twenty years. Purcell contributed an original painting inspired by the
games’ events to serve as the cover for this unique DVD release.

In addition to all five games from the award-winning episodic series,
which play on a PC with a DVD-ROM drive, the Season Two Collector’s DVD
contains hours of region-free video viewable on a PC or in any standard
DVD player. Special features on the disc include game footage reels with
audio commentary from the development team, the 20-minute holiday video
feature “Sam & Max Nearly Save Christmas,” outtakes and promotional
trailers, concept art, desktop wallpapers, and an MP3 soundtrack
sampler. Samples of the video content can be viewed at

Customers who already bought the downloadable Sam & Max Season Two set
from Telltale can get the Collector’s DVD for just the cost of shipping
and handling. For new customers, the Season Two Collector’s DVD sells
for $34.95 and comes with free downloadable copies of the games. The DVD
is expected to start shipping in August. More details are available

To celebrate the arrival of the Season Two DVD, Telltale’s store has
been stocked with new Sam & Max merchandise and great value bundles. The
following new items are now available for preorder:

*       The complete Sam & Max Season Two soundtrack, a 2-CD set
featuring nearly three hours of jazz music from the games and another
Steve Purcell original on the cover, retailing for $19.99
*       A limited edition case file stuffed with “evidence” from each
Season Two episode, priced at $5.99
*       A poster print based on the Season Two DVD cover art, available
unsigned for $14.99 or signed for $19.99

Additional Sam & Max merchandise currently in Telltale’s store includes
the 20th Anniversary Edition of Purcell’s complete comic collection, Sam
& Max Surfin’ the Highway, available in paperback and limited edition
hardcover versions, and the Sam & Max Freelance Police animated series
3-DVD box set. All of these items and more can be found in Telltale’s
online store (

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