Sam & Max coming to the Wii this August (now with box art!)

As someone who has the worst PC on the planet (seriously, it barely runs Notepad), I was more than excited about the news that Sam & Max – Season 1 would be coming to the Wii. As everyone was enjoying Sam & Max’s newest adventures on their fancy post-1996 computers, I had to sit alone in a dark room with only the amazing memories of Hit the Road to keep me company.

Well, it looks like I will only have to live in the shadow of my loneliness for a few more months! According to the DreamCatcher Games product page, it looks like Sam & Max – Season 1 will be coming to the Wii in August of this year. In addition to this new release date information, there also seems to be some official box art! Look, it’s Sam and Max!

What do you think? Are you planning on giving the Wii version of this game a try? What do you think of the simple, yet effective box art?

[Via GayGamer]

Chad Concelmo