Salt and Sacrifice is a PC, PS4, and PS5 sequel to Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sacrifice

You can play the whole campaign in co-op

In an unexpected (to me at least) move, the 2016 side-scrolling action-RPG Salt and Sanctuary is getting a sequel next year from Ska Studios called Salt and Sacrifice.

We got our first look at the game during the Summer Game Fest 2021 Kickoff.

At a glance — and forgive me, it’s been a while! — the new PC, PS4, and PS5 game looks like more of the same “soulslike platformer from Ska” vibe, albeit upgraded, which may or may not excite you depending on how well you clicked with Salt and Sanctuary.

That said, drop-in local and online co-op support definitely speaks to me.

“There are so many interesting things we can do with our different factions’ goals within this perilous Mage-wracked world,” said creator James Silva.

“There is a ‘full’ co-op mode, playable online and locally, in which you and an ally can progress through the entire campaign together,” he continued on the PlayStation Blog. “Unlike Sanctuary, which only awarded progress to the main player, Salt and Sacrifice allows both players to share progress.”

The story deals with hunting down mages as a captured criminal turned Marked Inquisitor, which is pretty cool.

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