Salivate over these Samus figurines

This weekend, our bosom buddies over at Tomopop have been covering Chara Hobby, a massive Japanese event where vendors show off an assortment of model kits and figurines. But who cares, right? The only reason you are reading this is because you saw that drop-dead sexy picture of Zero Suit Samus and wanted to find out more about it.

Right next to our bounty huntress with the adorable beauty mark is a fully poseable Varia Suit Samus figma. Unfortunately, the chances of your getting your sweaty palms on either of these is next to goose egg. All you can do is click the link below for some more glamor shots then relieve yourself in any way you deem appropriate.

C3 Hobby Show: Here are your images of Zero Suit and figma Samus!! [Tomopop]

Tony Ponce