Sakurai is giving us more Sephiroth Smash info soon, including a release date

5PM ET on December 17

Yesterday, Nintendo and Sakurai shocked the world with their Sephiroth in Smash Ultimate reveal. That Mario “murder” sequence was just the best! When I saw it for the first time (yes I watched this trailer more than once) my mouth was agape, but the reveal that he’s not actually dead was brilliant. Everything about this trailer, even the brooding edge, was perfect.

But Sakurai isn’t the type of person who just posts and ghosts. No, he’s going to do one of his signature streaming spiels to tell us about how authentic this fighter is, and it’s coming very soon. Shortly after the reveal last night, Nintendo tweeted out the details for an upcoming stream, just for Sephiroth.

It starts on December 17 at 5PM ET, and promises to give us more info on how he works, as well as the release date. We fully expect it to be just like a lot of the other streams, where he’ll methodically go over each and every part of Sephiroth’s moveset, which giving us live commentary on how everything came together.

We can also expect that the release date will be very shortly after the stream itself, just like the previous DLC stream-to-release cadence. As a reminder, we do have a “December 2020” window for Sephiroth, so he’s not going to be delayed or anything.

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