Sakurai agrees that there are too many sword users in Smash Ultimate, but Nintendo picks the DLC

Maybe he can pick the last one?

In case you missed it, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate added another Fire Emblem character. Now that character rules! But I totally get the Fire Emblem fatigue factor. Smash boss Masahiro Sakurai does too.

Speaking to Famitsu (as translated by Twitter user BlackKite), Sakurai reminds players that Nintendo actually picks the DLC, and he doesn’t decide the post-launch roster. He says he “understands” the fatigue, noting that there are “too many Fire Emblem characters” as well as “too many sword users.”

Despite his hangups, he doesn’t have time to stew on it! As Sakurai says, Nintendo makes the big decisions, so he has to keep on trucking and “there are other things…to think about more.” To sort of get around this requirement, he specifically made Byleth wield the three relic weapons (bow, axe, spear) in addition to the sword to give the character some flavor. I think he succeeded. While the Byleth announcement wasn’t nearly as exciting as past DLC entries, he made the best of it.

I do have a humble request for Nintendo though: let Sakurai pick at least one of the remaining DLC characters. And make him pick Waluigi. Okay, two requests.

Sakurai [Famitsu via BlackKite]

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