Sakura kicks her way into the console version of Street Fighter IV

While rumor of Sakura’s apperance in the upcoming console version of Street Fighter IV has been floating around since April, you can’t beat a nice shiny confirmation in the form of a two page foldout from Famitsu. Of course, it’s hardly a surprise to see the shÅjo schoolgirl, as each time Capcom announces a beloved character’s inclusion in the much-anticipated game, it causes a tremendous reaction from fans.

I don’t mean to draw anyone’s ire, but does she look a little bit … manly? I guess not compared to Chun-Li’s thighs of meat, but I’m just not the type to want to be crushed by a woman. I’ll reserve my final judgment for her man-factor until I see her in action in the game. Either way, panty shots are sure to ensue.

[Thanks, Tron!]

Colette Bennett