Saints Row movie still on, THQ trying cheaper games

THQ has been getting out of its comfort zone lately, by turning some of its franchises into movie and television properties, and now, by experimenting with lower-priced games. CEO Brian Farrell talked with Gamasutra about some of these new strategies.

“We spent a lot of time in Asia watching that freemium model. I think our markets are migrating that way, but you see it more in iPhone and iPad games right now,” he said. As such, the next MX vs. ATV title will launch at $40, and this cheaper price will be supplemented by downloadable content.

An interesting concept, for sure. I could see it working quite well in the right hands. Of course, Farrell was quick to point out games with bigger budgets, like Homefront, would remain at the normal $60. He also mentioned that the Saints Row movie is still in the works. Yeah — it’s really happening.

The full announcement will be made next month. THQ is hoping to align this release with the launch of Saints Row 3, but Farrell mentioned that’s subject to change.

Interview: CEO Farrell On THQ’s Path Through The Changing Game Landscape [Gamasutra]


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