Saint’s Row 2 special edition isn’t one you can take through customs

I think I’ll wait until after I’ve moved to America to pick up Saint’s Row 2, considering its special edition has the potential to get me arrested at the airport on suspicion of attempted hijacking. The special edition ships in a case with a big fat gun on the front, doing little to dissuade the player from the game’s intentions. You know what you’re getting then there’s a big Beretta on the box.

As if that wasn’t enough, you also get a golden bullet-shaped 1GB USB stick. That is joined by a rather suggestive Third Streets Saints poster, a map of the game’s location, Stilwater, and a “limited edition” artbook which is like a book, but it’s full of art. Epic. Exclusive content in the way of “buddy icons and wallpapers”also appears to be on the cards.

If you want this bundle, then you’ll need to buy the Xbox 360 version. So far, nothing has been announced for PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game, and THQ has suggested that this particular special edition is a 360-only deal. 

That niggle aside, I’m glad to see that Saint’s Row 2‘s special edition is as silly as the game itself is looking. The prequel took itself so seriously as a GTA clone that the whole production came off as awkward. I have high hopes that Saint’s Row 2 will be the stupid, fun alternative to the more gritty and “realistic” Grand Theft Auto IV. We shall see on October 17, when the game finally launches.

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