Sainsbury’s selling Xbox 360 for UNDER £100!?

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My jaw actually dropped when I heard this. This is a kind of megaton for our UK readers. 

Yes, the insane price wars currently being waged among Britain’s retailers have taken a huge turn for the cheap, as the UK’s lower middle class Mecca of frozen chicken, aka Sainsbury’s, is going to drop the Xbox 360 Arcade to £99.97! Nintendo’s Wii will also have its price cut to £149.97 while the 60GB 360 is going to be reduced to £139.97.

These ridiculous deals are going to run between October 3 and October 12. 

This comes soon after British publishers urged retailers to stop using games as loss leaders, and represents one of the most drastic cuts yet seen in the price wars. This is a fantastic deal for gamers, but I have to wonder exactly what these kinds of slashes are going to do for British retail in the long term. 

Ah well, who cares? I won’t even be in the country in a few months. GO AND BUY, BUY, BUY!

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