Sail the Undead Sea in new World War Z DLC

(No) life on the ocean waves

Good news for all of the zombie hunters currently popping heads in Saber Interactive’s World War Z. Today sees the launch of a new update for the team-shooter, bringing with it a new map and zombie-type, as well as extra online options and a slew of balance changes.

“The Undead Sea” sees teams of players transported to Tokyo to fend off horrors aboard a luxurious cruise ship. Among the decaying undead players will have in their sights is an all-new enemy, “The Infecter,” which has the ability to spew instant zombification on nearby players. If that wasn’t enough, then this particular ghoulie must be finished off with a melee attack, or it will simply reanimate shortly after death.

On the technical side, private lobbies have finally been added to the game, along with new sliders for field-of-view and animation quality. Also going live a glut of bug fixes and performance tweaks for all platforms, as well as balance changes to the game’s huge arsenal of weaponry. Full patch notes can be found over on the official Focus Interactive forums.

World War Z is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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