Saihai no Yukue character artworks

Koei’s brand new DS adventure game, Saihai no Yukue, now has an official site complete with renders of its selection of lovable Japanese feudalistic types. My main men over at Koei Warriors have careful cultivated such renders and now I’m sharing them with you, the five people that care. Shut up, it’s late, I can do what I want.

Between this, Prey The Stars and Monster Racer, it seems that Koei is really providing some fresh and interesting stuff on the Nintendo DS. This is very hopeful indeed, as Koei has some well hidden non-Dynasty Warriors gems in its back catalog and I’m thrilled to see the company returning to doing more quirky original IP work. That makes for a happy Jim, and an apathetic 90% of you, but we’ve already established that you can shut the f*ck up.

Jim Sterling