Sad! Muramasa: The Demon Blade pushed back to 2009

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Do I want Muramasa: The Demon Blade? Oh yeah, you bet I do. I loved every color-drenched moment of Odin’s Sphere, and when I heard that Muramasa (also known by it’s Japanese title, Oboro Muramasa) would feature the same art stylings and offer a side-scrolling RPG adventure, well, you can imagine what happened to me (it involved lying on the floor and panting).

According to Weekly Famitsu the title has been pushed back to 2009, with no specifics — so we could have to wait a while. SAD! However, it’s merely gone from being in my most wanted list of 2008 to next year’s list. It should be shown at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, which means you can expect more details from our own Dale North in the very near future.

[Via 1Up — Thanks, Joe]

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