Sacred 2: Fallen Angel has plenty of killing, Xbox 360 trailer proves it


The Xbox 360 version of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel will hack its way onto retailer’s shelves March 24. If you’re a fan of Diablo style games, that means you have a little over a month to fix your schedule and prepare to have your soul sucked through your eye holes. If the PC incarnate or the above trailer is any indication, the Xbox 360 version of Sacred 2 will not be light on loot or action.

In addition to the life-wrecking possibilities of the single player campaign, Sacred 2 will allow up to four-player cooperative over Xbox Live. This is the reason you’ll have to clear your schedule. How can you deal with silly societal obligations when your jobless buddies are out adventuring and getting mad loot without you?

I’m encouraged by this footage. I was looking for a console Diablo to fill that treasure whoring crater that I have in my brain. What do you guys think?

Brad BradNicholson