Sackboy coming to Pain, world domination is at hand

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According to 1UP, an article the latest issue of Game Informer reveals that LittleBigPlanet’s adorable mascot Sackboy will be making an appearance in the PSN title Pain. Despite Game Informer knowing how excited I would be upon hearing this news, no release date was conveyed.

Sackboy has been in an interesting stream of cross promotions and there’s a solid reason for it. Earlier last month LBP marketer Mark Valledor commented that the plan has been to “turn Sackboy into the next emblematic character for the PS3.” And it’s working quite well. Thus far we’ve seen Sackboy transcend games by imitating them. The two most well known incarnations of Sackboy are of course the Kratos (God of War) and Nariko (Heavenly Sword) versions that are being shelled out as gifts for preordering the title.

Of course, there’s always the awesome fan made stuff as well as the Sackboy Godzilla thing spotted in Japan. When will LBP stop? Hopefully I will never have to report that Sackboy quit looking cute, imitating things, or stopped inspiring the imagination.

This has got me thinking about the other videogame utilizations of Sackboy. What games would you like to see a Sackboy imitation of? What other games could you see Sackboy involved in?

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