Ryu can also slap his butt in Street Fighter V

Gotta love these move swaps

Street Fighter V‘s ongoing butt-slap saga took a turn for the amazing today.

A quick refresher for the folks at home: At one point, R. Mika had an animation in which she smacked her mostly-exposed behind for the camera, but then Capcom decided to obscure the gesture out of fear that it might make some players “uncomfortable,” but then #TeamBooty fans just figured out a way to re-enable it in the PC version of the game anyway.

Now, following those model swaps that brought mangled beauty to the Street Fighter cast, we have Ryu, beard and all, taking over for R. Mika’s moveset. “Hot Ryu,” indeed.

And for your future Destructoid comment needs:

[Video and gifs by Tommy Mac (via @Nibellion)]

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