Grapple-swinging shooter Rusted Moss arrives on Steam in April

Rusted Moss

Swing for the fences

Rusted Moss will finally swing onto PC very soon. Developers faxdoc, happyquared, sunnydaze, and publisher Playism have confirmed that Rusted Moss will land on PC via Steam on April 12.

This twin-stick, side-scrolling shooter has some definite Metroid vibes. With the same sort of grid-based map and world to explore, it feels a bit familiar. But its own unique quality lies in the grappling hook.

One of Rusted Moss‘ core features is a grapple, letting the protagonist Fern hook and swing across the world. That, plus big guns, makes for a pretty fast and active side-scrolling shooter.

It’s a full-on twin-stick shooter too, so no limits on what direction you can point. Add in some big, chaotic boss fights, and this feels like a search-action game made for folks who want a little more adrenaline in their secret hunting.

The hook brings you back

I’ve played the demo for Rusted Moss a few times, at PAX and through events like Steam demo festivals. Heck, the demo for Rusted Moss has stayed live and is playable right now if you head over to the store page.

Each time, I’ve really enjoyed the mix of movement and shooting that feels like it’s got shades of Titanfall or Spider-Man. It’s punishing in a good way, though I definitely recommend tinkering with the grapple options to find the playstyle that suits you best.

With April looking a little light compared to the heavy-hitters of May and June, it might be a good time to check out a smaller title like Rusted Moss. The demo’s there either way, and if it hooks you in, the full game hits on April 12.

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