Rust: Console Edition videos showcase uncut PS4 and Xbox One gameplay

Someone grab the WD-40

Earlier this week, Double Eleven put the word out to the wastelands that its survival epic Rust would be making its way to PS4 and Xbox One in the coming months. Following on from the port’s first trailer, the publisher has released two “uncut” gameplay videos showcasing Rust: Console Edition in action on both platforms.

The first video runs a lengthy 17 minutes and spotlights Facepunch Studios’ multiplayer adventure as it appears on PS4 Pro. The video features a raid on an isolated village, followed by a spot of scavenging and scrounging for food, weaponry, and other resources. After all, the local 7-11 is hard to come by in Rust‘s brutal wilderness. At this stage, gameplay looks relatively smooth, with the PS4 Pro handling Rust‘s action with comparative ease.

By comparison, the Rust Xbox One X gameplay video runs a far shorter six minutes and sees a party of survivors shore up at a seemingly abandoned power facility, before engaging in a lengthy and chaotic gun battle. This video seems a tad more staccato, with a little less smoothness and polish than the PlayStation preview. But it’s worth bearing in mind that both editions are still currently in development and, as online games, will likely be tweaked for stability numerous times before, during, and after their respective launches.

Rust: Console Edition is expected to launch this spring on PS4 and Xbox One.

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