Russian PS3 ad: Is Sony compensating for something?

It’s good to see that Sony is using its money responsibly in this time of financial hardship. This Russian billboard poster measures an epic 500 meters in length (making the illustrated PlayStation 3 on the end around 2:1 scale) and is certainly an impressively grandiose sight.

It does however, give one reason to wonder about Sony’s present thinking. As a company with such a famously large collective ego, currently taking a considerable beating both in business and in the press, is this lengthy poster their replacement for the traditional phallic therapy of the midlife crisis sports car? One can only imagine the size of the cigars Kaz Hirai is waving around these days …

Hit the gallery for more photos of the behemoth testament to capitalism. And in case you were wondering, the slogan over the logo translates to “The gaming spaces of Russia”, referring to the country’s sprawling areas of open countryside. It probably loses quite a lot in translation.

[Via Kotaku


David Houghton