Rumour: Early copy of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition reveals neat features

The ‘thumbs-up’ gesture is so 2017

At the weekend, a video surfaced online of a Reddit user playing Capcom’s revamped Street Fighter V, set for release later this month. User dick_dickerson2004 claims they bought the standard edition for the PS4, but the disc contained the full, upcoming, Arcade Edition.

Images and videos made their way to Reddit and Event Hubs soon afterwards, some of which contain interesting tidbits and features yet to be announced for the re-release. First and foremost, Player Two can now confirm rematches, or return to character select, after Versus fights. While this might seem like a minor addition, it is baffling that it was left out of the game originally, leaving player one to seek player two confirmation between fights. First World FGC problems, sure, but it was annoying sometimes.

Secondly, the Training Mode now seems to feature a colour-coded guide to frame advantage, with your character turning red or blue in response to attack, showing the player whether or not they had frame advantage after any given attack. This will be very useful to folk not up on reading their number charts.

Also from Training Mode, a “Version Select” option was spotted. While some wondered whether this allows characters to switch between various seasons incarnations, its probably much more likely that it actually references the selection of character’s different V-Skills.

Of course, none of the above is officially confirmed, but the video seems pretty snug. Some of these features were also supposedly unearthed by dataminer X-Kira last week, adding to the legitimacy. In related news, Capcom’s Andy Wong confirmed the return of weekly missions, and more “pay Fight Money to win Fight Money” challenges

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition lands on PC and PS4 in North America on January 16. However, the PS4 physical and digital release is now delayed in Europe until January 19. Existing SFV owners will be able to download the expansion on the 16th like everybody else.

SFV: AE Video from store-bought copy of SFV [Reddit & Event Hubs]

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