Rumortoid: Zombies!!! being adapted for Xbox Live Arcade

If you are one of the gamers who hates the recent stream of board game to videogame adaptions, I have bad news for you: they’re still coming fast and furious. It seems the latest may be Zombies!!!, a card-based tabletop game which pits you up against everyone’s favorite brain dead beasties.

Joystiq inquired about the topic at this year’s Comic-Con with the game’s creator,  Todd A. Breitenstein of Twilight Creations, who said he could neither confirm or deny the existence of such a project, but asked if they thought it would be cool. Uh, Todd … everything with zombies is cool. Of all people to know that, you should, sir.

Let’s hope it makes it out there — the more success these adaptions enjoy, the more we are likely to see. I’m holding out for Bang! to make the transition. Hear that, internet? Make it clap!

Colette Bennett