Rumortoid: Yakuza 3 will be landing in the West

It’s been rumored non-stop and begged for since the game came out in Japan, but now it’s been backed up by those close to the game: Yakuza 3 is coming to the West for all us gaijin to enjoy. 1Up got in touch with some unnamed contacts they have that worked on the game and they have told them that Yakuza 3 is indeed being localized for the West as we speak. Well, actually it’s the weekend so they’ll probably get back to work on it tomorrow. Unless they’re doing it in Japan in which case it is tomorrow and then they are working on it right now. I’ve gotten off point.

This is obviously not officially official, and thus the rumortoid, but 1Up is one of those “reliable sources” and we trust them here. It makes sense as we’ve heard mounting rumors and discussion about the game coming, and with TGS rolling up on us we could be seeing an announcement within the week. After all, Sega will be taunting us with Yakuza 4 at the show, so why not be nice and show us some Yakuza 3 love.  

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