Rumortoid: Use the flamethrower in World at War as early as November

According Gamepro (via Only The Games) players could be jumping into Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World at War as early as this November. This possible date puts a nail in the tentative “autumn” date that the game has been slated for.

While it’s only a rumor, my excitement over destroying the Pacific theatre with a flamethrower in November simply cannot be contained. Space Cat told me that November 11th looks like a really good day to release World at War considering that it’s Veteran’s Day, which means only 75 more days to go before maximum fire satisfaction can be reached. If only Space Cat would let me borrow its time machine.

The consensus is that World War II games are becoming stagnant and boring. Is November too early for you guys to return to a world of Nazis and grenade traps?

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