Rumortoid: SOCOM: Confrontation to get new maps, guns, factions and more

Slant Six is a busy developer. After squashing bugs and dishing out numerous patches for their hobbled PlayStation 3 multiplayer shooter SOCOM: Confrontation, the studio is allegedly moving on to downloadable content. According to a Ripten “inside source” five new maps, a new faction, new guns, new attachments, new character models and two additional game modes are all in the works.

It sounds preposterous, however one item stands out among the bunch: The source person indicates that of the five “new maps,” only two will be fresh for the series. The other three will be SOCOM golden oldies. This is fairly consistent with Confrontation, which featured a mixture of old and new maps.

As with any rumor it’s best to take this with a grain of salt. These things have a habit of being flimsy, especially when we’re talking this much content. Will there be a map pack in the future? Absolutely. Will Slant Six dump all of this on players at once? It doesn’t seem likely.

Brad BradNicholson