Rumortoid: Skate coming to Nintendo DS and Wii

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Earlier today, IGN dropped the news that Electronic Arts will be bringing the Skate franchise to the Nintendo DS and Wii. Called Skate It!, the game will … oh, wait! IGN weren’t supoosed to tell the world about it just yet. Oops!

The article has since been yanked from the Web site, which can quite possibly mean that someone over at IGN was having a little fun and simply decided to make up some news. Or — and this is more likely — IGN leaked the news earlier than EA would have liked. See, that’s what happens when you give IGN sensitive information. That kind of stuff never happens when you give exclusives to Destructoid … hmph!

Since no official announcement has been made and there’s no real way to confirm this, we’ll treat this one as a rumor. In the meantime, everyone can fantasize about playing a skating title using the Wii Balance Board, and how awkward it could possibly be on the DS.

[Thanks, Andy!] 

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