Rumortoid: Shadow of the Colossus Online, new PSP and more

A huge wad of rumors surrounding Sony is here to kick off GDC week. We don’t know how much of it is true or what we’ll see at the conference, but we’re a blog, and rumors were made for the blogging. Since you just want the meat of the matter, here’s a nice fat list of Sony rumors for you to chew over:

  • New PSP Slide to be shown at E3 for release next year
  • The current PSP moderl will get a price cut, reduced to $119
  • Fumito Ueda will be at GDC to announce two games, one of which is Shadow of the Colossus Online
  • Syphon Filter is readying for PS3 and will use the Killzone 2 engine
  • Insomniac is working on a new action RPG that looks rather Zelda-ish
  • Jak 4 is also on the cards
  • … and Daxter 2, which is due to launch in time for the new PSP
  • Legend of Dragoon remake is in development, due to release this year

Them’s a lot of hot rumortoids, I think. I’m not going to shout at Sony again over the release of yet another PSP, but I will certainly pay close heed to what Ueda has to say at GDC. Shadow of the Colossus Online sounds insane, but who knows? Stranger things have happened.

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