Rumortoid: ‘Sega Vintage Collection’ titles coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade

Awhile back, the ESRB started dropping hints that we’d be seeing certain Sega classics coming to Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. Sonic the Hedghog 3, Comix Zone, Phantasy Star II, and Gunstar Heroes were all listed and rated. 

Now, a Dutch Web site has received some images that appear to serve as confirmation. Labeled as “Sega Vintage Collection,” the titles show Xbox LIVE versions of Gunstar Heroes and Sonic 3 running on an Xbox 360. 

This, along with the ESRB listings, seem like confirmation enough to us. But seeing as how Sega hasn’t whispered a word on these titles, we’ll still consider it a rumor. With Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection available in stores now for only $29.99, it’s hard to imagine why anyone in their right mind would consider these digital downloads.

[Via Joystiq

Nick Chester