Rumortoid: Samba De Amigo Wii getting first Pay to Play content

Eagle-eyed NeoGAF user TurtleSnatcher did a little squinting and probably gave himself a wicked headache to find this one: a small “Pay to Play” logo on the corner of Samba De Amigo Wii box art found at

Sure, it’s entirely possible that one of’s web guys got bored and decided to mess around in Photoshop. But it seems like this may be a hint that Sega will be offering paid downloadable content for the game when it ships this August. One can only guess that the content will be more songs for the shaking/music game, but I suppose we should rule out new sombreros, either. 

If Sega is able to offer downloadable songs and content for Samba De Amigo, we expect many an angry Guitar Hero III and Rock Band player may start getting whiny before long. 

Nick Chester