Rumortoid: Rock Band 2 in UK this November, only months after the first one

When it comes to Europe, Rock Band 2 is damned if it does and damn if it doesn’t. Thanks to the pathetically long wait for a European release, the sequel would either have to force gamers to wait an inordinately long time, or release with only a few months’ gap between it and the original title. Seems like EA went for the latter, according to a British advert for the Xbox 360 version.

If this is true, then it means that Rock Band 2 is going to release less than half a year after Rock Band — a game which cost early UK adopters £179.98 (208% more than it cost in the US.) Basically, if you bought Rock Band in the UK, you’ve just spent the cost of an entire games console on a product that is going to replaced after six months on the shelves.

And that’s just the Xbox version! Rock Band only hit the PlayStation 3 and Wii a few days ago.

And this, friends, is why I decided never to buy Rock Band until I was out of the country. There’s a wasteful investment … and there’s a complete financial farce. At least you can use the old instruments though, right? Just a shame that they’re not gold-plated, which would have justified the cost.

[Thanks, Power Glove]

James Stephanie Sterling