Rumortoid: RE4 coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 [Update]

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Hahaha, oh man. Capcom loves to re-release Resident Evil games almost to the point of self parody, and shows no signs of stopping now, if rumors are to be believed. According to a poster at The Horror, Resident Evil 4: Classic Edition could be hitting the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles before long. 

According to the sketchy details, the game would feature series obscurity Hunk more than ever before, possibly giving him his own scenario in a manner similar to Ada Wong’s sub-plot on the PS2/PC/Wii version of the game.

At the moment this is pure rumor, but given Capcom’s fetish for porting Resident Evil games, and the fact that Xbox owners have thus far gone without a version of Resident Evil 4, it’s not far at all from the realm of believability. When it comes to Capcom and Resi, rumors of them NOT working on a port seem far less likely.

We shall see, though. April Fool’s Day is right around the corner, after all.

[Update: The rumor has been quasi-shot down, though not completely. Capcom says there are “no current plans” but we are free to “believe what [we] will.” — Thanks for the tip, Power-Glove]

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