Rumortoid: PS4 caused Phil Harrison to quit Sony

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A rather interesting Rumortoid has come out of the woodwork this morning, as it’s been whispered that the inevitable PS4 development cycle and feelings of deja vu caused Phil Harrison to quit Sony.

“He could see he was about to get involved in another PlayStation cycle, and obviously wanted something new,” a source told Videogaming247. “The same thing was happening again and he’d been through it enough times to want to move on.”

Interesting, if true, but considering Harrison never really gave a reason for his exit, it’s not likely that such a thing will be confirmed. When Harrison joined Atari, however, he was quoted as saying that the company’s focus on so-called “casual” games was very exciting. I guess he’s just not a Killzone fan. 

If it IS true, Harrison certainly got his wish of freshness. I’m sure Alone in the Dark was a very thrilling experience for him.

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