Rumortoid: PS3 price cuts get shown off at FYE

Another price drop for the PS3 has been rumored for about as long as the system has been at its current prices. We’ve heard analysts talk about it, rumors fly everywhere and entire redesigns of the system crop up. Yet throughout it all Sony has staunchly denied that a price cut is coming. Well, here’s some more “evidence” that they are liars. Cheap Ass Gamer forum user Oswald9599 managed to get some shots of a sign at FYE that announces the price cuts.

The sign shows that 80gb PS3 going for $299 and the 160gb (still replete with Uncharted: Drakes Fortune) will be $399. Oswald9599 claims that the discounts will be national for FYE. He also notes, though who knows why, that the price drop will most likely occur during the first week of this September. Obviously, none of this has been confirmed by Sony. Maybe it’s just a really good sale at FYE despite the sign saying that it’s a “new low price,” but either way it could be the drop that lots of people were waiting for. How about you? Going to grab a PS3 if these prices do come around?

[Thanks, Solid Squirrel]

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