Rumortoid: PlayStation 4 specs revealed?

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Writing this up, I feel like one of those bloggers from those scummy bottom-feeding game blogs that just makes sh*t up for pageviews. You know the type: SEGA Revived, Creating Shemune/Final Fantasy/Knight Rider Hybrid MMO. I would point fingers, but that’s put me in the hot seat in the past.

PC World links to what looks to be some early PS4 details. Apparently, these rough details were sent to developers, with Sony looking for feedback. These plans say that Sony may be taking a page for Nintendo’s play book, with the company looking to lower manufacturing costs for the PS4, focusing on “doubling” the power of the PS3. They will still rock the Cell processor, but the size will be diminished and the power level boosted through magic and science. 

According to Japanese site Watch Impress, we’re looking at a 2011 release date. 

I’m still waiting for more games for my PS3 library.

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