Rumortoid: PlayStation 3 firmware 2.5 will let you screen capture

If CVG’s shadowy “development source” is correct, Sony’s next firmware update will allow users to screen capture in-game images directly from their PlayStation 3. 

There’s no details on how this would work, but there could be a few options. By opening up the Xross Media Bar, it could theoretically be possible to select a “capture image” option; you could then save it to your console’s hard drive or upload it to a central server for sharing). It’s also possible that this feature would only be active for certain titles, a la PixelJunk Eden‘s YouTube video uploading integration. 

Sony are obviously quiet on the new firmware, having just updated the firmware yesterday. Wait, that was yesterday, right? It seems like Sony updates their firmware as often as Microsoft drops their console’s price. ZING!

Seriously, if this turns out to be true, I’ll welcome this feature with open arms. My MySpace page doesn’t have enough PS3 screen captures on it.


Nick Chester