Rumortoid: Persona 5 is headed to the PS3

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby!

Oh, wait. I’m getting too excited. This isn’t the most solid confirmation of Persona 5 existing. Actually, it’s a report from a pachinko site, of all places. Still, you just know a new Persona is coming, and I’ve loved the last four so much that I can’t contain my excitement for this minuscule bit of information.  

The Japanese site 7rush said that Persona 5 would be released for the PlayStation 3. Apparently the news came out at a press conference for an upcoming Shin Megami Tensei pachinko machine (woo!), and it was said that Persona 5 would launch alongside the pachinko machine in a promotion. IGN says that this promotion is supposed to take place in Japan in August.  

As there has been no announcement, we shouldn’t start singing Persona 3 battle songs and getting excited just yet. I was already hopeful for a Tokyo Game Show announcement of the title in September, but perhaps we’ll hear something as early as next month. 

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