Rumortoid: Paul Oakenfold expresses love for DJ Hero, this could bode well

Funny thing, in light of this new info — Dtoid’s own Brad Nicholson captioned his last post about DJ Hero with a pic of Paul Oakenfold that said “Paul Oakenfold is angry.” With all the talk of how hard it was to license music for the game, it’s hard as a fan of dance music to know if the game would be a blast or a total trainwreck.

However, Paul Oakenfold has obviously had a chance to see the game himself, and while his comments were non-official (he has nothing to do with representing the game), word was that he loved it. It would be nice to see a major DJ like Oakenfold get officially involved. personally, I’m more of a Richie Hawtin fan myself, but that isn’t going to hook millions of sales the way a product associated with Oakenfold would.

[Via Kotaku — Thanks, Joe]

Colette Bennett