Rumortoid: Paper Mario coming to the Nintendo DS

Korean Web site Ruliweb seems to think Paper Mario is coming to the DS in July of this year. Said to be a remake of the the Nintendo 64 game, the Web site also says that “more information will appear later.”

As with all things that appear in other languages on Web sites I’ve never heard of, this needs to be taken with a grain of salt. But since you’re going to hear it somewhere if not here, I figured it best to get it out there. It’s kind of like when I was six and my dad made me watch Scarface, Eraserhead, and Behind the Green Door back-to-back because “better the boy watch ’em with me and a bottle of Jack Daniels than seeing ’em in some sleazy flop house.”

So really, there’s nothing here to go on other than the word of a random post on Ruliweb. But who would be surprised if Nintendo were to release a port of their now-classic Paper Mario title on the DS? I would. Because if anything, I’d imagine it wouldn’t be a remake. It would be a new game that would look and sound exactly like the Nintendo 64 title. Duh.

[Via CVG]

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