Rumortoid: One more Mega Man 9 secret still to be revealed?

Mega Man fans, get ready to almost be excited. According to Seth Killian, Senior Community Manager at, there is at least one secret left to be found in Mega Man 9. If you thought that Fake Man was a letdown, then perhaps this news will brighten your soggy face. It sure has brightened mine.

So what do you think it is? One gent over at Capcom-Unity’s message boards is already trying to hack his way to the answer. So far he hasn’t found much, just a couple of unused weapon icons in the game’s code; one labeled “BC” and another labeled “BJ”. 

“BJ”, huh? As God as my witness, if Capcom put some hot coffee in my Mega Man 9, I will forever revere them as the greatest videogame developer in the Multiverse.

[via Siliconera

Jonathan Holmes
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