Rumortoid: No GTA IV DLC this year after all?

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While Microsoft hopes for Grand Theft Auto IV downloadable content by this fall, a source close to Rockstar is claiming that the company is “wrong” to believe that it’ll see any GTA episodes before 2009.

This mysterious source told VG247 that the first of the episodic downloads would more likely hit in January or February. This runs contrary to the previous rumor that November was the golden month for the DLC to launch. Perhaps that’s what Microsoft thinks, but it’s possibly not what Rockstar thinks.

Take-Two’s official line is that the DLC will arrive during the first quarter of its next fiscal year, beginning in November ’08 and ending in January ’09. With different sources whispering different things about this situation, we’ll have to wait for the all-knowing press release to determine it once and for all.

Rockstar’s certainly dragged its heels over this content, if previous Destructoid community reaction is anything to go by. The general consensus seems to be that most of us has moved on from GTA IV. Will the DLC be enough to make any of you return to Liberty City?

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