Rumortoid: Nintendo to announce a game ‘everyone is waiting for’ this week

According to French site Gamekyo, Nintendo is set to announce a game “everyone is waiting for” at its upcoming press conference this Thursday.

Before Nintendo’s almost disastrous E3 2008 showing, hearing something like this would send gamers into an excited tizzy. Sadly, things are a little different now. While discussing this rumor this morning in the Destructoid office, terms like “dogsh*t” and “motion controlled county fair simulator” were thrown around. Has it finally happened? Have gamers lost all faith in good ol’ Nintendo?

Call me an annoying Positive Polly, but I still have hope that Nintendo can deliver the goods. Looking closer at the rumor, the game will apparently be a continuation of an older franchise. Could it be the long-rumored Kid Icarus Wii? That’s my very confident guess. And to all the naysayers: it’s been less than a year since Nintendo released arguably the best game in the Mario franchise, Super Mario Galaxy. It is going to take a lot more than a matter of months for me to think Nintendo has given up on us.

So, the big question is: Do you think this rumor is true? And, if so, what game will be announced? I am very curious on your thoughts, so speak up! Are you confident Nintendo will deliver and make hardcore gamers happy? Or are you readying yourself for Wii Watching Paint Dry?

[Via CVG]

Chad Concelmo