Rumortoid: NGP’s RAM being cut to reduce price

We don’t know the exact price of Sony’s upcoming portable, the NGP, but it looks like something that will be expensive. It’s a Sony device, after all. And like many other Sony gaming devices, it’s probably expensive to make. The latest rumor says that Sony may be tweaking the NGP to make it a bit less expensive for them to make. Who knows if that will be reflected in the cost.

French website 01net has a solid rep for getting Sony news out early, says GamesIndustry. This source claims that the version of the NGP without 3G capabilities will only feature 256MB instead of 512MB RAM. The amount of VRAM graphics memory is reported to still be at 128MB. The same source says that the non-3G unit will not use flash memory, and will rely on a Memory Stick. They also report that the size of the system’s operating system has been reduced. 

While we’re throwing out unconfirmed items, here’s what this source had for the price: $249. We’ll see if this source is right next month at E3. I don’t care how much RAM it has — I just want one.

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