Rumortoid: New NHL 10 features revealed by GameStop?

GameStop can be the bane of gamers everywhere with its crappy trade-in values, but its Web site can be a veritable font of information. The “Expanded Information” section of the page for NHL 10, which the site currently lists for pre-order as “NHL 2010,” offers a wealth of details about the game. GameStop isn’t exactly in the habit of fabricating game information for its site, so let’s go through the list!

Two all-new modes are mentioned, “Battle for the Cup” and a GM mode. Battle for the Cup seems to allow gamers to jump right into a Stanley Cup Playoffs setup without having to play (or sim) through a regular season first. The GM mode sounds like a purely managerial offering; the description mentions scouting amateur hockey players, making trades, and hiring staff “to become a legendary GM.”

Be A Pro mode also seems to have received some upgrades, including a prospects section at the beginning to “improve your draft status” as well as more coaching tips and better AI for your CPU-controlled teammates. Curiously, the GameStop page also notes that EA Sports Hockey League seasons will begin on a monthly basis, which sounds a bit odd. So we’re going to go ahead and slap this with the Rumortoid label for now until we get an official confirmation from EA on this stuff.

In any case, the full list is reproduced after the jump for your convenience. While you’re mulling it over, feel free to check out the first NHL 10 trailer and Nick’s hands-off preview from E3. NHL 10 will be out for PS3 and 360 on September 15th, according to producer David Littman in this E3 interview.

[GameStop via EA Forums — thanks, Abdul!]

  • New Battle for the Cup Mode: Experience the intensity of NHL playoff hockey. Play through injuries, intimidate rivals, and match lines as storylines carry across the entire series.
  • Build a Stanley Cup Champion: All-new GM mode lets you scout amateurs, put players on the trading block, hire staff, and earn experience points to become a legendary GM.
  • Battle on the Boards: Shield the puck with your body, kick-pass it to teammates, or pin your opponent against the boards with an all-new board play engine.
  • All-New First-Person Fighting: Change the momentum by trading blows with an NHL enforcer. Tug an opponent’s jersey to gain an advantage—before or after the whistle.
  • Become the Ultimate Pro: Improve your draft status by dominating the prospects game, then use new coaching tips, improved teammate AI, and detailed position instructions as you build the ultimate career.
  • Capture Multiple Championships: The coveted EA SPORTS Hockey League Cup is always up for grabs as new seasons start on a monthly basis online.
  • New Intimidation Tactics: Fore-check defenders, pressure the puck, and finish checks to force your opponent into mistakes, as players fatigue, bobble passes, and avoid collisions under threat of physical pressure.
  • All-New Post-Whistle Action: The action never stops! Antagonize opposing players, finish checks, retaliate for late shots on goal, draw penalties, and pick fights—all after the referee blows the whistle!
Samit Sarkar